About Me


Welcome, I’m Marisa

The inspiration for this project came from my closest friends and family… “You have the most incredible life! You are constantly away traveling, off on weekends away and taking photos. I’m jealous!”.

The reality was quite different – I work 9-5 like a lot of people, I have a budget like a lot of people and I struggle to achieve ‘Work-Life-Harmony’ like a lot of people… but the difference between me and a lot of people is I know how much happier I am when I’m out exploring and know how easily it can be done.

This Journal has been created to inspire you to considers stepping outside and exploring your world. It’s less about travel and more about celebrating a sense of a place.

This journal shares my weekend adventures predominantly around Melbourne where I currently live, where I can get outdoors, breathe the fresh air and most likely find an incredible place to eat and drink – because for me – this is happiness.